Make It Right

by Finding Z

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© ℗ 2011 Finding Z.
Down to the Wire Studios, LLC.

Written, produced, and performed by Finding Z.
Recorded at Scientia Studios.
Additional production by Alex Kercheval.
Artwork by Ryan Johnson.
Dedicated to Pete Smith.


released April 16, 2011

Dan Swiss - Lead Vocals
Brett Davis - Guitar
Christopher Miller - Bass
Brent Beachler - Drums, Vocals
Additional instruments by Alex Kercheval.


all rights reserved



Finding Z Chicago, Illinois

Finding Z is a rock band located in Chicago, Illinois.

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Track Name: Better Off Dead
Been on the run for most of my days.
If you see me coming, get out of my way.
I've killed for love and I killed to eat.
Now you beg for life so let me set you free.

No place to call my own.
No town to call my home.
The Devil looked at me and said:
“Son, you're better off dead.”

Borrowing my time
for a soul thatʼs already been sold.
Now my life has a price; a debt to be owed.
I plan on paying mine with your life's weight in gold.

No place to call my own.
No town to call my home.
The Devil looked at me and grinned:
“I'll have you in the end.”
“Devil, be that as it may, not today."
Track Name: Just Trust
All my time spent
waiting here for my
life to begin.
No more time left,
so much wasted.
Tonight, it ends.

Let it go, relax, just ride this flow.
There's nothing left to do, nowhere left to go.
There's no shame, just be the same.
Just play the game and come along with us.
Just trust.

No. You're dead inside.
You're living just to die.
You know you wanted more
so put it on the line.
No. I can't resign.
My hopes and dreams will come alive.
No. I cannot be one of you.

situations they
never come to an end.
Get complacent,
and leave the race, and tell me
where, tell me where, where to begin.
Track Name: Mr. Wrong
Love love love lovin' me girl 'cause you ain't got long.
I'll be breakin' your heart by the end of this song.
Love me girl 'cause you ain't got long.
You wanna love me girl cause it feels so wrong.

I can tell you the words you wanna hear.
But let me just make it clear,
I'll be your Mr. Wrong.
But tomorrow, make no mistake, before you wake, I
will be leaving you for someone new.
Tomorrow, I'm gone.

Kiss kiss kiss kissin' me girl, but make it fast
'cause the love we got's not meant to last.
Come home with me girl, this is your last chance.
Why stand in the fire when you can dance?

It's not love that you wanted, girl.
You checked that bag when you walked through my
But if it makes you feel better,
say it's love, call it love;
so you don't feel like such a...

Love love love lovin' me girl 'cause you ain't got long.
I'll be breakin' your heart: it's the end of this song.
Love me girl cause you ain't got long.
You wanna love me girl cause it feels so wrong.
Kissin' me girl, but make it fast
'cause the love we got's not meant to last.
Come home with me girl, this is your last chance.
Why stand in the fire when you can dance?
Track Name: Envy
Your momma always told ya when you were just a
“There'd always been some done what you did.”
Well up until now, you were beginning to think
that your momma full of shit and there ain't no way.
So let me tell you now and make you understand:
by the time you run, I done ran.
'cause I stay fresh, I stay loose.
Iʼll say duck six times, youʼll say goose:
“duck duck duck duck duck duck goose.”

I got you all in a frenzy.
Oh, it's easy to see
that you all got envy.
Oh, don't you wish you was me?

Now ladies and gents, when I walk through the
I know just what you're looking for.
You know I got swagger, when it rains it pours.
What you see here ain't sold in stores.
Now the ladies say they want a man that treats
them right,
but they'll stray into my arms tonight.
Now let me make sure you all can read:
sing the alphabet from “A” to “G.”
“A, B, C, D, E, F, Goose.”
Track Name: Throw Away
I've got my 9 to 5.
Thankless work for a job well done.
I look outside and see how my life could be,
then I remember my responsibilities.
Drudging through the monotony
of the daily grind,
the only thing that gets me through
is the thought of seeing you.

Just gotta make my way home
and have you next to me.

Tiny cogs in the great machine,
spinning our gears round and round.
I need you here with me
to make it worth the life I throw away.
Day to day, throw away.

You can't put a price on the worth
of an hour in someone's life.
Especially when I could spend it with you,
I'd give you all of my time.
"In the end, your time is worth more than gold"
...or so they say.
I know I'll be thinking of you,
not the money I've made.

Tiny cogs in the great machine,
spinning our gears round and round.
I need you here with me
to make it worth the price.
Tiny cogs in the great machine,
spinning our gears round and round.
I need you here with me
to make it worth the life I throw away.
Track Name: Gravel Roads
The souls of my shoes are so worn.
Dusty, frayed, tattered, and torn.
For so long, I've been on this road
tryinʼ to make my way back home.
All the places that Iʼve seen
and all the people in between
write the story that I own
but I no longer want to roam

Gravel roads...
Oh, they all take me back home.
Gravel roads...
Oh, I'll never be alone
because they all lead me to you.

When I left home,
I was so sure
that I would find myself and where I belong.
Greener pastures
were the cure
for my restless heart,
but now I wanna go
back to, back to the start.
Track Name: Without Me
Don't know where you wanna run,
but you wanna run away.
Don't know where you're drivin' to,
but you're drivin' me insane.
And you'll just try to walk away,
but you'll walk away alone.
I can still hear you calling out,
but you can't call me out anymore.

Take the blame and feel the fall.
You don't know just how it ends – step on out.
Show yourself, see the flames.
It's not true; better start heading down.
Through the trees, you'll hear a sound.
Make your choice and say your prayers – walk on out.
Face your fears, say the word.
You can't tell you're leavin' now without me.

You left me here staring out
with my jaw dropped to the floor.
Didn't think you could do it now
like the ways you've done before.
I hope you can repair yourself,
be at peace when you are alone.
Fake content just to hear a sound,
but you can't hear that anymore.
Track Name: Games
I need someone to trust me, maybe
I just need someone to trust.
And make me see a greater cause
in the both of us.
All the time we spend... just sayin'
"We'll have all the time in the world someday."
It's fine to think that now while we're waiting,
but we need to start today.

What could have been
we still can know.
We just need to give it a go.

These little games we play
keep us going round.
Maybe we will find our way
but it kills me now.
All the days that slip away,
they won't be found.
But that'll be OK,
if I'm with you somehow.

Both standing on that ledge
of hopes and dreams and uncertainties.
It's better to make that leap and fall
than to never have tried at all.
Better to try and wonder
than waste our time just waiting around.
I can't seem to help but wonder
what we have missed so far.
Track Name: Relapse
You've got all the right pieces of my heart,
but my mind's going straight to Hell.
You want me to do what you want me to do
because I do it so well.
The feeling I get when I see your regret.
Oh, don't you think badly of me?
'cause I stepped on a crack, I'm backtracking want
you back, back, back breaking me.

Don't just stand there.
Say it's not fair
because I'll never let you live it down.

Your hands wrapped around my heart,
makes me wanna collapse.
But if I cut you out, I know that I'm just
going to relapse.

Your porcelain skin
rolls off the tip of my tongue.
I don't know where to begin
because the damage has been done.
I look into your eyes.
I see the coldest of your stares.
Wish I could say this hurts the same
because this game just isn't fair.

You've got the Devil's smile
and your intention's going down to the floor.
And poor old me, that's just
what I was looking for.
Track Name: 500
Iʼm driving you back, back to your house.
And itʼs almost two in the morning.
And Iʼm thinking... I think, think, think about us.
Well, this is as close, closer than Iʼve ever been.
As I pull up, up to your driveway.
I canʼt shake the feeling that in another day,
weʼll be right back, back at each otherʼs throats.

I'll be there with a crying shoulder.
We may be young but we're getting older.
If we hold on too tightly,
tomorrow's gonna slip away.

Itʼs better going down now as the people we were,
than if we leave it to the chances ever after.
A moment stuck in time; a moment yours and mine.
But somethingʼs gotta change, gotta happen, right away.
We canʼt stay here and we both know why.
Weʼre born to run, but we dream to fly.
I can take you far, far away from here to get us back to the start.

All the time spent looking for
your chance, your dreams, and something more.
When you stop and take a look around,
will you see whatʼs up, ʻcause youʼve finally found.
So take your dreams and find a way,
it wonʼt wait for another day.
And I know that when you look into the sky,
that youʼre born to run, but you dream to fly.
Feel the time, itʼs passing by.
Track Name: Black Notebook
I'll start again,
and write down words to this old song.
Take sleeping pills and try to stay awake.
The best thoughts, oh they come before you sleep.

What would you do?
What would you do?
I'm so lost without you.
What would you do?

A vision lost; a life mistook.
I wish I knew... oh, I wish I knew the words
you'd write down in this black notebook.
Oh, I wish I knew the words.

I can't believe, you've really left.
I couldn't find someone to blame.
I'd give it all to see you once again
so I could forget about the tears.
And though I know that you are gone,
well, I still... I look up in the night.
And there's just one question in my mind
I'd like to ask after all these years.
Track Name: Past Beyond the Point
She stares at these four walls,
numbing down her mind.
How did she get this far
with no place to go?
She tries to tell herself
that the mirror is a lie.
Denying what she sees
as the line slowly disappears.

Starting to feel the weight of her choices
and it suffocates her.

When you're past beyond the point of no return
and you've lost your world.
In the wake of your destruction
and the worst days that you've seen,
I won't go, I won't go, I won't go.

Begging for the help
she so desperately needs,
her cries fall upon deaf ears
and blind eyes that have seen.
She tries to tell herself
that her life is a lie.
Denying what she sees
as her world comes crashing down.
Track Name: Blue
World dropped on her shoulders,
wrapped up in the clouds with her only friend.
She screams like a vision
and I don't want it to end.
I try to follow in her wake,
get lost before I make my only move
to tear apart her walls.
Pulled down with a silent drug.

She stays when she needs me.
She goes when she's done.

Feet won't stop you movin'.
Walked down and then gave it your last breath.
It took you for granted.
Come down from the high where you were left.

People drift in the background.
Fear fades on the waves by her lonely side.
She feeds her obsession
and I watch it begin.
Deaf from her attention.
Sight gathered and lost in her sleeping storm.
She dreams of a red sky.
Wakes up in a violent haze.
Track Name: Another Life
Time lifts away the veil of the present
and we can see how the moment has passed.
Oh, how we wish to go back there.
But such feelings were not meant to last.

And now theres nothing I can do
to get these moments back from you.

So now I'll wait 'til tomorrow,
so I can see what I have today.
And I would beg, steal, and borrow
to tell you then what I wanted to say.

Photographs scattered on the floor
in a prison of the life I had before.
And this, my friend, is my punishment
for letting her walk through that door.
The memories we made cripple us today.
Collateral for the choices we made.
And now you're gone, but you haunt me in the past
as I chase sands down the glass.

But now it's too late to bother.
The moment has come to an end.
So now I'll have to wait for another life
to try to make this right again.