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© ℗ 2011 Finding Z. www.findingzband.com
Down to the Wire Studios, LLC.

Written, produced, and performed by Finding Z.
Recorded at Scientia Studios.
Additional production by Alex Kercheval.
Artwork by Ryan Johnson.


Iʼm driving you back, back to your house.
And itʼs almost two in the morning.
And Iʼm thinking... I think, think, think about us.
Well, this is as close, closer than Iʼve ever been.
As I pull up, up to your driveway.
I canʼt shake the feeling that in another day,
weʼll be right back, back at each otherʼs throats.

I'll be there with a crying shoulder.
We may be young but we're getting older.
If we hold on too tightly,
tomorrow's gonna slip away.

Itʼs better going down now as the people we were,
than if we leave it to the chances ever after.
A moment stuck in time; a moment yours and mine.
But somethingʼs gotta change, gotta happen, right away.
We canʼt stay here and we both know why.
Weʼre born to run, but we dream to fly.
I can take you far, far away from here to get us back to the start.

All the time spent looking for
your chance, your dreams, and something more.
When you stop and take a look around,
will you see whatʼs up, ʻcause youʼve finally found.
So take your dreams and find a way,
it wonʼt wait for another day.
And I know that when you look into the sky,
that youʼre born to run, but you dream to fly.
Feel the time, itʼs passing by.


from Make It Right, released April 16, 2011
Dan Swiss - Lead Vocals
Brett Davis - Guitar
Christopher Miller - Bass
Brent Beachler - Drums, Vocals


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Finding Z Chicago, Illinois

Finding Z is a rock band located in Chicago, Illinois. www.findingz.com

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