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© ℗ 2011 Finding Z. www.findingzband.com
Down to the Wire Studios, LLC.

Written, produced, and performed by Finding Z.
Recorded at Scientia Studios.
Additional production by Alex Kercheval.
Artwork by Ryan Johnson.


Your momma always told ya when you were just a
“There'd always been some done what you did.”
Well up until now, you were beginning to think
that your momma full of shit and there ain't no way.
So let me tell you now and make you understand:
by the time you run, I done ran.
'cause I stay fresh, I stay loose.
Iʼll say duck six times, youʼll say goose:
“duck duck duck duck duck duck goose.”

I got you all in a frenzy.
Oh, it's easy to see
that you all got envy.
Oh, don't you wish you was me?

Now ladies and gents, when I walk through the
I know just what you're looking for.
You know I got swagger, when it rains it pours.
What you see here ain't sold in stores.
Now the ladies say they want a man that treats
them right,
but they'll stray into my arms tonight.
Now let me make sure you all can read:
sing the alphabet from “A” to “G.”
“A, B, C, D, E, F, Goose.”


from Make It Right, released April 16, 2011
Dan Swiss - Lead Vocals
Brett Davis - Guitar
Christopher Miller - Bass
Brent Beachler - Drums, Vocals


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Finding Z Chicago, Illinois

Finding Z is a rock band located in Chicago, Illinois. www.findingz.com

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